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Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder - Set of 3

Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder – Set of 3

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We love to place beautiful aroma candles on our dining table or the side tables near the bed to feel pleasure in our room but as these candles comes in various sizes and shapes so it becomes difficult to choose the right candle holders for them. But now you can choose variety of these holders from Maddhome shopping site

Light up your home by shopping for these elegant tea light holders from Maddhome

Add the charm to your home decoration with these elegant Tea Light Candle Holders which are now available in many designs and even with inbuilt candle balls which are available at affordable rates. Let’s have a look at the various models of these holders which provides charm to your house:-

  • Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea light holder: – Get a tint of sophistication added to your rooms on a dinner evening or any special occasion with these powder coated holders which accommodates the candles safely. It is available in dual colour with the holder outside in black hue and from inside it is golden in colour and the sizes are big, medium and small which are made up of pure iron material with mesh pattern.
  • Cat Patterned Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light holder: – This holder does have a funky look with sufficient space to get the candle placed in it with the image of a cat printed in golden dots with a reflective black finish in the background which gives it a fantastic look.
  • Brown Antique Mosaic Rolly Polly Votive: – This charming candle holder with a mosaic glass finish which is brown in colour is absolutely unique for the in-house parties or the evening get together at your home as it can be placed on your dining table for a perfect dinner party. This graceful holder adds oodles of style to your drawing and dining rooms.

So, these holders have changed the very interiors of our house from those boring bulbs and tube lights to the stylish candle holders to give our home a graceful evening and have actually added a pinch of romance in everyone’s life as they are stunning and exotic.

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Fashionable Candle Holders

MaddHome is no doubt a leading E-commerce firm who offers various kinds of products for its customers. Practically each and everything, which one might require for interiors and home decor is available at MaddHome. For instance, the variety in design and style of candle holders offered by the company is nearly impossible to find in any other place. With the belief of creating a perfect home decor solutions for the customers, MaddHome offers a vast range of decoration products.

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Candle Holder & Lantern Candle Holder

People uses candle holders not just to protect the surface on which it is placed but also, a decorative piece will add to the environment of the room. If you seek to get a nice, elegant and decorative candle holders for yourself, you can easily log on to . It can become a hectic task to choose the best among the innovative pieces, hence our company always tries our customers to select a best piece for themselves that too at affordable rates.

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The company offers a great range of candle holders to their customers. The most popular among them is the lantern candle holder. One can easily get a diverse range of lantern candle holders at a considerable price. Usually, the quality of the product, which the company offers, has huge effect on the customers.

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Numerous range of collection will create a realistic impact on you. MaddHome is well known company known for selling the home decors for past few years and within this short span, the company has achieved great heights.

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