Buy Bathroom Mirrors Online in India at Best Price with assists you in finding best decorative mirrors online. You can easily place your order online and get home delivery.

A new mirror can bring a special attraction to your bathroom or even spaces. Just go through the website, and you’ll discover the most appropriate bathroom accessories for your house. We have a wide variety of wall mirror designs online at Whether you’re searching for a full size, big, or small mirrors – we offer have them all in square, round, and even triangular shapes.

large decorative mirrors

With different mirror designs on, it can be actually overwhelming. In order to turn you’re shopping simply, our easy-to-use edge makes it easy for you to hunt for the preferred product. The round decorative mirrors available at are carefully designed and stylishly designed to attract your eye. Most of our wall mirrors can also be used significantly in the living room or even bedroom. Go through the wide range of mirrors online in India that are planned to look attractive and elegant. No matter where you choose to secure them – you and your visitors at home will positively keep gazing them. Choose from a wide range of dressing mirrors, pretty mirrors, mirror frames, bathroom mirrors and handheld mirrors online at finest price.

Instagram Decorative mirrors banner 1080X1080

Once you place your order for decorative mirrors online, the product will be delivered to your doorway in no time. Handily make payments online for a comfortable shopping practice via debit card, credit card or net banking. You can also select Cash on Delivery to make cash payment when shopping online with us. We assures for the quality of the products and deliver after proper testing.

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Give your Bedroom a Nice Ambiance with Exclusive Bed Sheets

Bedroom is the place where you come after a day’s busy schedule with a hope to eliminate all stress. Therefore, it’s important to get the right bed sheets to incorporate a perfect atmosphere for your bedroom.


Maddhome: The One-Stop Destination for Bed Sheets

Want to get the authenticated bed sheet set for your home? You can easily acknowledge all the exclusive stuffs here that fulfill all your specifications. Sheet set you get here carry good quality fabric due to which you can use the materials without any worries. Also, kids would feel maximum comfort and you can explore a new way of life with ultimate bliss and ecstasy. You can spend some happy moments at your bedroom with your partner that would serve as the inspiration for you to perform well in life.


Get the Right Color and Design

While purchasing you need to select the suitable design along with a soothing color that would go well with the entire surroundings. Also, you need to keep in mind about the taste of your kids according to which you should make a perfect choice. Maddhome come up with a wide collection from where you can easily pick up the one that you need. You can even opt for combo where you would get matching pillow covers along with bed sheets.


Designer Bed Sheets

Nowadays, you can explore designer and printed bed sheets that would attach a distinct touch to the entire bedroom. However, get the right measurement that means either you need to go for a single bed or for a double bed. Once, you get confirmed about all these features you can go ahead shopping for bed sheets for your personal bedroom. If you want, you can communicate with an expert interior designer who can help you to buy the right thing.



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Buy Quality Bath Towels at Reasonable Prices at MaddHome

Hotel Collection 900 GSM White with Black Stripes Towel 3 pcs set

Hotel Collection 900 GSM White with Black Stripes Towel 3 pcs set

If you are looking for high-quality towel set at lowest price possible then route towards for your shopping. With wide selection of varieties to choose from you can find one suiting your needs.

We understand that bath towels are the hardest working members of the households. It is for this reason we have come up with good range of high quality towels for your individual needs. Our towels are deigned keeping in mind the customer needs and preferences. With us, you will find versatile range of towels that are appreciated by the customers for their super quality and make. Know here how the products offered by us are one of kind.

Hotel Collection 900 GSM White with Tea Rose Stripes Bath Towel 2 pcs set

Hotel Collection 900 GSM White with Tea Rose Stripes Bath Towel 2 pcs set

  • Fabric- The fabric of the towel set that we offer is thinner and lighter. They have lower GSM that means the measure of the fabric density of the towels boast standard figure. The varieties of towels sold by us form a great choice for beach trips or a gym bag, guest or master bathroom.
  • Style- Our towels offer an inexpensive and relatively painless way to change or complement your bathroom’s look. They are a great way of adding fun to the bathroom space. With our wide selection of towels, you can easily find a variety matching or contrasting to the paint or wallpaper of your bathroom. You can use them to accentuate or draw out the look that you want.
  • Care- Our bath towels last longer and look fresher if they’re properly handled. Our towels are coated with special fabric softener. You will need to wash them before using, rest you will find no issues when brought into use.

    Plush collection 550 GSM Bamboo Bath Towel

    Plush collection 550 GSM Bamboo Bath Towel

Maddhome aims at meeting the customers’ needs to the best of their satisfaction. It is for this reason we offer best value for their money as far as quality of products is concerned.


Maddhome Offer Exclusive Range of Table Runners and Placemats

Jute Reversible Runner with Fringes
It is a part of our tradition that we love to eat with our family members and loved once. It is right time to define your dining room with some of fresh table linens, protective placemats and neat napkins. Table runners are considered best for covering a length of the table cloth where you’re supposed to place your dishes. This sort of table linen stops the cloth from turning dirty if there is a spillage.

Jute Runner with Appliqued Lace

At, we offer a wide diversity of table runner designs for you to select from. These are prepared with a cloth and have various sorts of designs on them. Some of these are nature supported, such as floral, while others are arithmetical and abstract designs. Thus, no issue what styles you favor, you’ll find a whole host of them at You may also select from wide range of table linens which includes table cloths, placemats, napkins & tissues, trivets, coasters and table linen sets online at reasonable cost.

Jute Reversible Napkin with FringesAt, we have wide range of exciting products for you to select from. Once you discover what you like, you can have your choose from our easy disbursement approaches including COD, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. One can also look ahead with free delivery and assembly as well as easy returns. You can also find discounts & offers on wide range of furniture, home decor, kitchen & dining, home furnishing, lamps & lighting and home appliances that suit your regular needs.
Jute Napkin with Appliqued LaceIf you need more information, just make a call on (+91) 9873507678 or simply write an email on For more information on table runner and placemats, just visit now online!


Modern Table Lamps – Ideally Choose Clean and Innovative Once

modern table lamps

Motivated by iconic designs and refined forever, MADDHOME offer wide selection of modern table lamps offers an array of clean, easy look for the contemporary houses or offices. With sleek forms, slick finishes as well as innovative technologies, these designs confine the energy of the contemporary era. From the on-trend business look to Mid-century designs, our table lamps can give an immediate touch-up not only to the bedroom but to the living room as well. You can easily place them according to your needs. Moreover, you can find shipping for selected products.


Modern table lamps are supposed to both practical as well as decorative. Whether you are searching for a table lamp prepared from ceramic with a classic silhouette or simply a decorative fixture that doubles as a sculptural piece of art, table lamps are plug-in lights planned to be decorated on tables and moved according to the needs. Normally used for reading or to light up dark corners of a room, a table lamp is ideal in a living room, bedroom or even home office. Most table lamps cast dim, ambient light, though, desk lamps, a definite type of table lamp, are planned to offer direct, task light for a smaller outside region.

Two Tone Mercury Brown Glass Table Lamp

A modern table lamp that is made with an LED light source has the added advantage of being ecologically aware. Due to their complex technology, LED table lamps are energy saver and will decrease the carbon footprint of your home while offering bright and practical light.


At Maddhome, we present a wide variety of table lamps in a choice of materials, colors, shapes and sizes, and different international design award-winners, ideal for balancing any modern room. You can buy Table Lamps for Living Room to add on more glance and beauty to it.


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Maintain Proper Hygiene Using Clean Towels

Bath Towels
Hygiene is always an important practice that you need to follow in order to lead a safe and secured lifestyle. In this respect, cleans towels should be used that would help your family to fight germs getting a better health.

Hotel Collection 900 GSM White with Tea Rose Stripes Bath Towel 2 pcs set

Important Facts about Towels

Bathroom is the place where you always need to pay attention to the cleaning process to incorporate a fresh atmosphere there. Bathroom towels play a vital role here and you should be careful that those things are clean enough for all your family members even for your kids. Also, the towels should be made up of good fabric that would be good to delicate skin especially for kids. Hence, while purchasing you need to pay attention about these features to get the right stuff. Maddhome brings in exclusive quality of towels among which Bamboo towels is another new addition. Using such towels, you can enjoy a good shower with complete peace of mind that would help you to stay fit all the day.Plush collection 550 GSM Bamboo Bath Towel

Why bamboo towels?

Bamboo towels give users a spa-like experience that you would love to enjoy while having a shower with hot or cold water. Also, bamboo grow faster than cotton and even fewer chemicals are being added here that makes it one of the best options. Therefore, it’s the most eco-friendly product that comes out as the sustainable one that you can use realizing the real time benefits. You can get varied color options from where you can pick up a soothing one that would give your bathroom a new outlook.


You can purchase towels in sets from Maddhome that serves as one of the useful features here. Once, you come here you can find a wide collection of different types of towels that would aid you to make a right choice according to your needs. Finally, you can bring home ideal towels that would incorporate hygiene at its best.


Get the best looking Votive Candle Holders online

You have to research in the best way to get Votive Candle Holders for you online. It depends on your own good research to find the perfect one for you.

Etched Leaf Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder - Set of 4

There is always a wide range of variables that is being provided online. We are here to always be able to have the wider variety for the same and then they have to look for the fact at the same point of time. We should always be able to create a definite amount of idea at the same. At this point of time what is termed most important is the fact that we should always have decorative items to look forward to and we should be able to define the ability for the same. There are definite decorative items that are being made available and then we are always on the lookout to have it at the hold of the hand.


  • There are various amount of online portals that are being made available that have been able to identify as to what are the  requirements for the same and how are we going to identify the idea. There are different amount of decorative items that can actually make our home beautiful lovely and exciting at the same amount of time. The decorative items should be able to understand the fact that a better visibility is that all required for the same.
  • Votive Candle Holders are being able to catch the attention of the great amount of decorative items need to be concentrated at the base and then we will be able to create the new amount of thing in the websites. So you can get it for you in the best way online without any worry at all.


  • Candle holders are of different things and then we should always be able to have the best of the qualities to be represented at the same point of time. What we are looking forward at are the different amount of products that are being made availed on online marketing and the different companies that are putting a foot forward on that. Online marketing is definitely the need and sight of the future and we should always be able to identify for the same at a better ratio. Decorative candle holders are the showcase of the modern households and the people are always on the lookout for the same.


Contemporary or Modern Table Lamps: The Best Way to Decorate Your Sweet Home

Table lamps always come out as the essential accessories that give your home a suitable ambiance along with a soothing outlook. Also, you can use designer table lamps in order to give your dream home a modern touch that would be loved by everyone. In this way, your abode would become a real heaven accompanied with the real treasures.

Red Glass Table Lamp with Stainless Steel Base

Give your Home a Real Contemporary Look

The contemporary table lamps from Maddhome come out with the real optimistic features that inspire users to get familiar with an attractive stance. Maddhome brings in all the authenticated products and the modern table lamps reveal the smarter features due to which they are recognized as the most popular stuffs. Such lamps come up with different shapes and sizes along with varied color options from where you can easily pick up a suitable option. The table lamps with modern touch are made up of highly durable metal and thus you can install it without the worries of breaking it. So, your kids can easily play around and you don’t have to stop them knowing that lamps would not break suddenly.

Antique Gold Glass Table Lamp

Shopping Becomes Easier at Maddhome

Once, you enter the site you can experience a comprehensive backdrop that would enable you to carry out a safe shopping with complete peace of mind. Representatives here would help you all the way and thus you won’t face any difficulties to get the right products for yourself. Moreover, you can get the stuffs within an affordable price range that makes shopping easier at Maddhome. Make sure that the one you choose goes well with the entire surroundings and wall color of your home, as it serves as one of the most important things for interior designing.


Bar Accessories from MaddHome Accompany a Distinct Modern Touch

Classic Plain Gold Glass Decanter
Want to arrange a great night party? Then you need to get exclusive accessories from Maddhome that would incorporate a perfect ambiance of a bar. Hence, you can enjoy some nice moments with all your friends and family eliminating all the stress.

Turquoise Stripe Glass Decanter

Establish a Clean Ambiance

Maddhome is the ultimate place for you where you can find the best deals for branded bar accessories that would give your place a different status. The classy things available here also come up within affordable price range and thus you can easily purchase without any difficulties. Official site of Maddhome comes up with a search panel, which would help you to search the products you need to have. Here, you can also get familiar with home bar accessories accompanied with a chic look that are responsible to bring in the desired atmosphere for a party. The accessories you get here are made up of good quality metals like stainless steel etc. due to which they carry a strong durability. You can easily place your order and you can acknowledge all quality assured stuffs that would enhance the overall glory of your abode.

Crackled Clear Glass Decanter

Communicate with a Professional Interior Designer

After you decide to purchase such accessories, it’s important to have a detailed discussion with a professional interior designer. He/she can reveal you certain important facts about which type of stuffs you need that would perfectly match with the entire milieu. They would make sure that the place would get a soothing as well as comfortable feel that would be loved by all the members. Moreover, an interior designer would find it easy to establish a proper set up using the right accessories that he/she thinks would be the best fit.

Finally, you can experience how the entire ambiance would get an elegant touch fulfilling all your desires.


Decorative Wall Mirrors: The Great Way to Make Your Home a Heaven

Black Antique Hammered Wall Mirror
Mirrors come out as one of the most exclusive things to be installed in order to give your place a sophisticated look. Keeping this in mind, Maddhome brings in a wide collection of designer mirrors, which would be useful to decorate your abode incorporating a finicky touch. Once, you get the mirrors at your home you can realize how it changes the overall look of your entire room.

Brown Patina Tiles Patterned Wall Mirror

Know Details about the Products

The Silver Foil Printed Hairon Leather Wall Mirror is the one that comes out with a soothing silver color and is recognized as one of the attractive decorating wall mirrors. The Classic Plain Brown Brass Studded Imported Hairon Leather Wall Mirror is another good option that would install to make your room get a beautiful ambiance. So, these are the large decorating wall mirrors available at Maddhome and are the useful accessories to enhance the glory of your sweet home. Now, you need to pick up the right one, which would best fit your place and you can experience that heavenly feel all inside your home.

Classic Brown Real Leather Round Wall Mirror

Communicate with the Representative

Before you purchase it’s important to get familiar with all the necessary features and thus you need to have a detailed conversation with the mediator there. This would help you to make a right choice and definitely, you can carry out a perfect interior designing for your abode. It would also make you feel confident and you can carry out shopping with complete peace of mind that would aid you to understand the true advantageous features. Maddhome comes out with a comprehensive backdrop and you won’t face any difficulties speaking with the representative that serves as the positive approach from their end.

Overall, you can get a nice experience while buying wall mirrors in order to attach a distinct touch to your dream home.