Getting Your Modern Table Lamps and Ceiling Lamps Right

The modern table lamps and ceiling lamps combine timeless charm, elegance, and usefulness to your home. Other than furniture and wall decors, putting lighting fixtures is another detail at home that can absolutely make the biggest difference. With the style, theme, and color, lighting fixtures can ultimately change your room’s vibe into a happy hub.

Modern Table Lamp

A modern table lamp is a less fancy choice to stunning chandeliers. When used appropriately, a modern table lamp can bring good illumination, color, symmetry, and texture to any room.

Determine the right spot

To start, find the right spot to put the table lamp, know the exact height where the lamp will be put in, and determine its placement away from the bed and a comfy chair next to it. These are the important things to consider before buying a table lamp. Know first the table lamp’s purpose before shopping for it.

Scaling the size

Choosing the height of the lamp is determined by the room where it will sit in and the decoration around it. A shorter lamp will do if you have a tall bedside table and vice versa. When buying a modern table lamp, make sure that the shade’s bottom is at eye level when seated or lying down.

Choosing the style and ergonomics

The overall appeal of the table lamp is determined by its shade; making each lamps having a style of its own.  There are some modern table lamps you can buy online which can perfectly fit into a modern and exceptional style of home.

However, ergonomics and shade’s proportions are more important that the style and pattern. For the safest choice, it should be noted that the diameter of the table lamp should be at least 2” less than the length of its body.

Ceiling Lamps

When chosen appropriately, ceiling lamps can give a good illumination to your room. Ceiling lamps like chandeliers can be placed in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. In this article, you will be provided with some options to consider before purchasing.

Determining the size

The function and appearance of the ceiling light fixture are affected by its size. Also, the size of the room matters before choosing which ceiling lamp is best for your space. By measuring the room’s width, doubling and sticking it in inches, the diameter of the perfect ceiling light will be determined. For an instance, if the width of your room is 12 feet, your fixture’s diameter should be 24 inches.

Placement of the ceiling lamp

Hanging the fixture on the ceilings should be centered in the living room, dining room, and sitting area. For good and optimal illumination, it should be placed at least 7 feet above the floor for good illumination. When the fixture is to be hung above the table, it should be 30 inches higher than your tabletop.



Table Lamps: Add A Touch Of Contemporary Style

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Table lamps have always been in fashion. Be it for a study room, bedroom or even your living space. They bring illuminating lighting and shines brightly, enhancing the beauty of your interior décor. Nowadays, table lamps of high style and designs are the most on-trend thing in the home décor market. At MaddHome, we offer you table lamps in styles ranging from classic to contemporary range; table lamps are incredibly available in many colors and shapes.

When you are looking for a perfect table lamp

In MaddHome, we bring you a range of versatile design of table lamps in all styles. In addition to it, contemporary table lamps have been considered to be quite fresh looking and it attracts attention to the people who love modern designs and artworks. The style never fades and blends almost in every décor. It is simply amazing how the designs work wonder whence one tends to buy a contemporary table lamp. From a distinct and an exceptionally unusual design with amazing work and colors adds a great value addition to becoming a perfect hand-picked table lamp for one’s home décor.

Wide selection at your convenience

MaddHome not only offers you stylish table lamps but also offers you many colors and designs. You may browse and choose and pick the right one for your perfect home interior. With many voguish styles to choose from, you may also check our other lighting ranges which include the latest design of pendant lights, ceiling lights and much more.

Handpicked home décor ranges

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Modern Table Lamps – Ideally Choose Clean and Innovative Once

modern table lamps

Motivated by iconic designs and refined forever, MADDHOME offer wide selection of modern table lamps offers an array of clean, easy look for the contemporary houses or offices. With sleek forms, slick finishes as well as innovative technologies, these designs confine the energy of the contemporary era. From the on-trend business look to Mid-century designs, our table lamps can give an immediate touch-up not only to the bedroom but to the living room as well. You can easily place them according to your needs. Moreover, you can find shipping for selected products.


Modern table lamps are supposed to both practical as well as decorative. Whether you are searching for a table lamp prepared from ceramic with a classic silhouette or simply a decorative fixture that doubles as a sculptural piece of art, table lamps are plug-in lights planned to be decorated on tables and moved according to the needs. Normally used for reading or to light up dark corners of a room, a table lamp is ideal in a living room, bedroom or even home office. Most table lamps cast dim, ambient light, though, desk lamps, a definite type of table lamp, are planned to offer direct, task light for a smaller outside region.

Two Tone Mercury Brown Glass Table Lamp

A modern table lamp that is made with an LED light source has the added advantage of being ecologically aware. Due to their complex technology, LED table lamps are energy saver and will decrease the carbon footprint of your home while offering bright and practical light.


At Maddhome, we present a wide variety of table lamps in a choice of materials, colors, shapes and sizes, and different international design award-winners, ideal for balancing any modern room. You can buy Table Lamps for Living Room to add on more glance and beauty to it.


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