Votive Candle Holders Collect The Melting Wax From The Candles

Candle holders are necessary for using candles to light up your room. Candle holders can be a simple one or a decorative and elaborate piece of art. And Online you can find them all, from simple ones to decorative pieces.


The candle holders ensure safety and at the same time prevent the spilling of hot wax on the surface of the table in your home. But different types of candles need different types of holders. But you will have to buy a candle holder no matter what sort of candle you use. Continue reading


Buy Tealight Candle Holders To Create That Illuminated Aura In Your Home!

tea light candle holders

Decorative candle holders go beyond decor, these can spruce up the overall lighting of your home making it appear even more subtle and balanced. These tealight candle holders also referred as the night light candle holders do not give much illumination and are thus idyllic for those soft occasions when you just want to create that perfect romantic aura in the home without doing anything big.

The choices that you get for these candle holders and numerous and it is always advisable to make a pick for the one that goes with your persona and do not miss on that home decor too. The amount of money that you spend on these tealight candle holders would vary in accordance to the quality that you go with. Those plastic cap ones won’t cost much but you will need to shell big bucks for the metal ones, especially the ones that have some carvings or engravings on them.

The style choices too are many for these decorative candle holders; you can have these in the shape you want, circular, square or wider depending on the number of candles you wish to use. Always keep in mind that you go in for the ones that allow you to light candles at various heights as this is going to create that perfect illumination.

tea light candle holder
Tealight candle holders tend to have that tea pot like structure and these can be a great pick for those votive candles. When looking for accent lighting, these are the ones to go with and more so they can help you get an impressive decorative effect too. So, if you are looking for decorative candle holders that look soft and give away the required light in a delicate way, these are the ones to buy.

Maddhome- One stop destination for quality glass candle holders

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Candle holders were more popular in the old times when there was no electricity, and Edison hadn’t discovered the bulb. These vintage candle holders were very ornate and beautiful. Here’s a post by Buzzle which tells you about the different types of candle holders along with their purpose. Take a look!


  • A candelabra is a candle holder with multiple arms or branches. Sometimes, it is also referred to as a candle tree due to its branched structure. Although candelabra is the plural of candelabrum, it is mostly used in a singular sense.

Black and White Powder Coated Modern Tea Light Holder - Set of 4

  • A chandelier, unlike a candelabra, is a glass candle holders decorative ceiling fixture and is meant to illuminate the whole room. They are made of glass or crystal pieces, which aim to obtain spectacular refraction of light. Modern chandeliers use light bulbs instead of candles and are mostly seen in large halls, temples, mosques, or churches.

tealight holders

  • Menorahs come in several designs and materials.It is one of the popular varieties of glass candle holders. Traditional menorahs were made of pure gold; however the recent ones are made of silver. According to Jewish tradition, a new branch is lit on each night of Hanukkah (8 branches for 8 nights). The ninth branch is called the shamash, which translates to ‘helper’ or ‘servant’ in English, and is used to light the other candles.

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Tea light holders, is a small candle which is enclosed in a metal container, in order to achieve complete liquefaction while it burns. It is mostly made of thin sheets of tin. Tealights are circular, short, and wide. They derive their name from their use of warming teapots.

Best Tealight Candle Holders available at Maddhome

Etched Leaf Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder - Set of 4

Etched Leaf Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder – Set of 4

Decorative Tealight Candle Holders Online


Looking for the right candle stands to place your beautiful aroma candles on your dining table for the perfect candle light dinner or on the side tables near your bed to feel that pleasure in your room or on the table in your drawing room but as these candles comes in various sizes and shapes so it becomes difficult to choose the right candle holders for them. So, the big production houses now understands the needs and preferences of the customers so these are available on online shopping sites too where you can choose and pick up the product of various companies.

Grab the modern holders

Add the charm to your home decoration with these elegant tea light candle holders which are now available in many designs and at affordable rates. There are now ample of candle stands in the market and even have attached candles to them which make them looked more adorable and you do not have to buy separate candles for them. Let’s have a look at the various models of these holders which provides charm to your house:-

Votive Glass cups:- Get a tint of sophistication added to your rooms with these votive holders which accommodates these types of candles safely. They are in the shape of cylindrical glass and are attractive too and to avoid them from getting overheated you can pour some water in it also. They are also available in many colours as orange, black, amber, purple, dark blue, hot pink, yellow and many more are there from which the consumers can choose from according to their preferences.

Cylindrical Glass holders:- These holders have a sufficient space to get the candle placed in them and they are in a round cylinder shape in which you can even place big sized candles in diameters too and they are available in many vibrant shades as blue, dark green, grapefruit and many more are available on the shopping sites.

Flared holders:- These tea light holders are unique in shape as they are heat resistant and are available in transparent glass shapes in which candles of various colors can be kept and they become the perfect decoration for special occasions and your home too.

Butterfly wall hanging candle stand:- These candle stands have a unique feature and can be used as a hanging on your wall. These graceful holders comes with the candles already stick on them and they add oodles of style to your drawing and dining rooms.

So, these holders have changed the very interiors of your house from those boring bulbs and tube lights to the stylish candle stands without giving you the problem of dropping wax and have actually added a pinch of romance in everyone’s life as they are stunning and exotic.

For A Superb Collection Of Tealight Holders – Check Out Maddhome!

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Candle Holders Online

Tealight holders are minimalistic home décor item that accentuate your home bringing in that fresh and sensuous feel. One of the most impressive features that make these holders a great buy is that these would equally when inside and outside.

At Maddhome you are going to find an interesting collection of modern ceiling lamp that look classy wherever placed. For all those who want to buy a home accessory that looks chic and acts practical too, these tealight holders would be an idyllic pick.

Tealight holders At Maddhome- Which Are The Favorite Ones?

Although each piece out there is a unique one, the ones that are to be considered by all those who want to come out with a unique set up are:

Black & White Powder Coated Modern Tea Light Holder: This classy looking tealight holder is going to add a touch of lavishness to your home. The black color outside looks bold and the white one inside makes it go all chic.

Before Lighting

Black and White Powder Coated Modern Tea Light Holder


After Lighting

Black and White Powder Coated Modern Tea Light Holder - Set of 4

Black & Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder: With that Mughal era inspired shape and color combination this is the one that is going to be an idyllic one for the homes that usually stay flocked with people for parties and events.

Before Lighting

Black & Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder

Black & Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder

After Lighting

Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder - Set of 3

Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder – Set of 3

Etched Leaf Black & Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder: For all those romantic couples who want that special lighting for those soft moments, this is a must pick. The leaf engraved pattern is one such feature that makes this holder score big.

Before Lighting

Etched Leaf Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder - Set of 4

Etched Leaf Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder – Set of 4

After Lighting

Etched Leaf Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder - Set of 4

Etched Leaf Black and Gold Powder Coated Tea Light Holder – Set of 4

If you want to bring in a change in the home décor and that too without spending much these Modern Tea Light holders would be a great pick.


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