Reinvent Your Home With Quick Linen Cushion Changes

The biggest problem homeowners face is turning a small space into a cohesive paradise. This is no easy task for an amateur as it usually ends up with an unsystematic aesthetic. After all, free rein is not always a good thing, even in your home’s interiors. It’s easy to get lost in the thousands of possibilities that you can find online. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to rehash your space by manipulating the smallest details in your home.

Never underestimate the power of small accents when it comes to interior design. A simple stencil and sleek panels can make all the difference. Home accessories like chimes, sculptures & even DIY pieces can help in embodying your home’s new aesthetic.


The use of linen cushion covers is a prime example of a home ornaments that further refine your space. Cushions turn your home into cloud nine, literally and figuratively. These basic linen home ornaments make your home comfortable and stylish, in the most simple way. The best advantage of having multiple linen cushion covers is the ease of upgrading. With thousands of cushions online, changing your space from Oriental to modern chic is no longer a difficult task. You can simply redefine your space at any given time by simply undressing your linen cushion covers. With the help of linen cushion covers, you save money by avoiding extravagant expenditures concurred from purchasing new furniture.

The color also plays a huge role in redefining space. Choosing the right color scheme is an essential when getting the right ambiance for your newly renovated space. The broad understanding of the function & aesthetic of warm & cool colors is a requisite when redefining your home. You can opt to use bold colors as accents which will exude your audacious personality.

You can embolden your space with the funky Caribbean or Bohemian style linen cushion covers. Rock out a funky 80’s pop vibe with the help of bold reds & leather skinned- cushion pillows. Recreate nature with Zen-themed cushion covers to show off your true nature-loving self.

Scoring linen cushion covers don’t have to be as equally difficult as space renovation. With one click, you are connected to a thousand design options online. Online boutiques connect you to a thousand of options that will redefine your space into your own rustic or minimalist paradise. Online boutiques are a more practical alternative for antique home shops.

When opting to buy linen cushion covers online, you save time & money. Have your product delivered to your doorstep within days. Spend more time actually renovating your home rather than shopping for the right furniture. And since you’re already scouting home accessories online you can search the web for thousands of interior design inspiration that can jumpstart your home project.

There’s no easy way to improve the ambiance of your home than scattering tiny aesthetic clouds in your space. With linen cushion covers, you can rehash your home into whatever paradise you choose.  At the end of the day, you are what makes your space a home.



Getting Your Modern Table Lamps and Ceiling Lamps Right

The modern table lamps and ceiling lamps combine timeless charm, elegance, and usefulness to your home. Other than furniture and wall decors, putting lighting fixtures is another detail at home that can absolutely make the biggest difference. With the style, theme, and color, lighting fixtures can ultimately change your room’s vibe into a happy hub.

Modern Table Lamp

A modern table lamp is a less fancy choice to stunning chandeliers. When used appropriately, a modern table lamp can bring good illumination, color, symmetry, and texture to any room.

Determine the right spot

To start, find the right spot to put the table lamp, know the exact height where the lamp will be put in, and determine its placement away from the bed and a comfy chair next to it. These are the important things to consider before buying a table lamp. Know first the table lamp’s purpose before shopping for it.

Scaling the size

Choosing the height of the lamp is determined by the room where it will sit in and the decoration around it. A shorter lamp will do if you have a tall bedside table and vice versa. When buying a modern table lamp, make sure that the shade’s bottom is at eye level when seated or lying down.

Choosing the style and ergonomics

The overall appeal of the table lamp is determined by its shade; making each lamps having a style of its own.  There are some modern table lamps you can buy online which can perfectly fit into a modern and exceptional style of home.

However, ergonomics and shade’s proportions are more important that the style and pattern. For the safest choice, it should be noted that the diameter of the table lamp should be at least 2” less than the length of its body.

Ceiling Lamps

When chosen appropriately, ceiling lamps can give a good illumination to your room. Ceiling lamps like chandeliers can be placed in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. In this article, you will be provided with some options to consider before purchasing.

Determining the size

The function and appearance of the ceiling light fixture are affected by its size. Also, the size of the room matters before choosing which ceiling lamp is best for your space. By measuring the room’s width, doubling and sticking it in inches, the diameter of the perfect ceiling light will be determined. For an instance, if the width of your room is 12 feet, your fixture’s diameter should be 24 inches.

Placement of the ceiling lamp

Hanging the fixture on the ceilings should be centered in the living room, dining room, and sitting area. For good and optimal illumination, it should be placed at least 7 feet above the floor for good illumination. When the fixture is to be hung above the table, it should be 30 inches higher than your tabletop.


Glorify Your Bedroom with Cotton Bedspreads

Nowadays, people are very much responsive of the home decor items that suit not only their interior decoration but fit into their comfort zone too!

While shop for the home decoration items, customers love going into the minutest details like if the price is reasonable, about shape, size, prints, colors, fabrics and a lot more. Interior designing of the home is also a skill and those who are proficient in decorating their homes, appreciated by their guest, relative and colleagues. But seriously one thing you must agree, decorating the home is such a big task. Let’s describe it with an example. The bedroom is a vital area in our homes and needs to be given serious attention. There are some specific rules that must be taken care in every household. To begin with the room, it must be kept spick and span. One must assure that every single space of the room should be dust free.

Some cotton bedspreads feature:

Bedspread plays the most significant role to beautify the room space and adding texture as well.  MaddHome has a huge and beautiful collection of sheets for your bed in different fabrics like linen, cotton, woven, silk and much more. Many kinds of fitted and flatbed sheets are also available on online store. It better idea to opt for sheets with pillow covers. Every time it becomes difficult to coordinate the pillow covers with the bedspread. Cotton bedspreads have super qualities that make it a smoother, softer and more comfortable selection. Cotton breathes, so cotton sheets never stick against the skin. It’s easy to release marks and stains than other fabrics.

Advisable facts are:

  • Never wash the sheets too much, as it reduces the softness and warmth of the cotton sheets.
  • Use warm water not hot for washing purpose, as it clears out all dust and germs effectively.
  • For costly sheets, dry cleaning should be done on annual basis.
  • Sheets should be dry beneath the shade.

Browse the latest collection:

A good bedspread is very imperative in pulling together a bedroom appearance. You can decorate the rest of the room around the style of the bedspread. The many varieties of fabrics and colors available in online stores make it easy to get a spread that articulates the theme or style of your room. At several prices and values, there is an infinite number of ways you can shop and make the appropriate choices for your home. Explore your options at MaddHome to find something that looks and feels preeminent in your room. It is uncomplicated to compare prices online among different stores and find the bedspread within the reach of your pocket.

If you are looking for extraordinary design, the online store has a huge collection in materials, colors and designs, however, they are in affordable range. The look of your bed can be sharply customized with a normal bedspread with floral designs, plain and elegant also.

“Revolutionize your bedroom appearance by changing your bedspread”


Spruce Your Space by Furnishing with Stylish Metal Coffee Table

A living room without a coffee table or accent chairs is a lot like a woman without lipstick, undone. Just as lipstick is one detail that can fulfill a look, so too can the perfect coffee table. Coffee tables serve several purposes; from completing a look, to storage and display they are much needed in a space. The question is which approach will work for your room. The options are eternal and at times can be overwhelming for the perfect room.

Should you go with a wood one with thick legs, metallic with a glass top; should it be round, square or rectangular?

You also need to choose the shape that goes with the other pieces in the room less you mess up the beauty of your living room. As you lay out the plan for your living room, think about the best shape that you want to give in your space.

  • A round or oval coffee table is ideal if you have children, so they can easily have their meals.
  • The curved edge corner will not injure anyone if one falls or bumps into it.
  • Using a rectangular shape coffee table will allow you to give right amount space.


Many styles to choose from metal coffee table online:

Formal, informal, modern or vintage; these are all styles to be considered when purchasing your coffee table. If your favor is a contemporary look, choose a sleek metal table with a glass top. And if you are looking for the casual one, then the rustic wooden table will be a perfect choice.

  • Pick a round table with wooden turned legs for the romantic feel.
  • Good coffee tables are functional, allowing you to use them to the fullest and for every purpose.

Make your home live with accent chairs:

 Normally, accent furniture is much smaller in size but it is considered the most important material for the furniture of the room. Tables and chairs are the most common style of accent furniture, although cabinets, shelves and items are also widely used to accessorize main furnishings. Its main purpose is to add color, variance and furnish definition to an interior space.

  • Not only can you use them for serving, play board games, or as desk, but you can also use them for storage.
  • Accent chair online goes beyond mere functionality and is basically used for its decorative element above all.
  • Home is an extension and defines, who we are and of our lifestyle. It goes well to say that beautifying it right is in our own hands. A bright bold color and smart design go a long way in creating an excellent space. Accent chairs make the ideal section of furniture to accentuate a room and other furnishings. They characterized room and making them beautiful additions especially in the living room. MaddHome offers a broad collection of accent chairs online for the living room as well as the dining room and bedroom.

“A right choice will help to smart up your space while providing additional seating”

Light Up Your Home with Exclusive Candle Holders



It might also had happened with you. If you think that a candle holder is not worth keeping at your house then you need to think twice. The wide range of candle holders which are available these days are probably the best thing you can buy for interior decoration.

In fact some people who knows the importance of having a candle holder at homes. And those people never misses a chance to bring home some of the best candle holders available in the markets. So, if you haven’t had thought about buying a candle holder for yourself then think about it for once.

Again, if you are looking forward to buy some specific set of candle holders then we may have the best options available for you. Here we are going to discuss about the most popular votive candle holders, which you can make use of it to decorate the interiors of your home.

Votive Candle Holders

The votive candles were originally used in some religious ceremonies. People used to buy votive candles when they used to visit Temples or Churches. It actually symbolizes faith and devotion of a person towards their deity. But now a days, such candles have make their way out of such places and find a place in everyday lives. It is now used in day to day life to add to the interior decoration.

Since, such candles are available in different sizes, shapes and designs, more and more people are now getting attracted towards such candles. These in fact are best form of candles one can opt for interior decoration purpose. If you are wondering about adding a unique decorative thing to the interiors of your home then this might prove to be the best option for you.

But here is the thing, a candle without it’s holder looks incomplete. Thus if you are going to buy such candles for yourself then don’t forget to buy the votive candle holders. Just like the candles these holders are also available in various sizes and designer form. You will just need to go out and find a best piece which you think will best suit your personality.

Unique Candle Holders

Once you buy such candle holders for yourself, you will find that it is indeed a unique candle holder which automatically suits with the interiors of your home. You will not need to buy extra pair of decorative elements to support your votive candle. Just the candle with its ideal candle holder is enough to make your home look beautiful.

The unique design of the candle holder in itself is enough to make a whole room vibrant. So from now onward whenever, you go out for shopping, make sure that you had a votive candle holder in your list.

Get the Exclusive Tealight Candle Holders at Maddhome


You have enjoyed too many candle light dinners with your partner. It sure is one of the greatest things to experience in today’s lifestyle.

The whole environment inside such place is magnificent and offers an inner peace in mind. If you want to experience the same thing at your home, you certainly can do it is much simpler way. You will not require spending a whole lot of money on different items which are used to make a candle light dinner successful. The only thing you will need is candles with appropriate holders. If you really want to spend some quality time with your partner at your home, you can try this thing out at your home.

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Modern Metal Stools are Perfect Furniture for Your Home

metal-stoolsModern metal stools are becoming the preferred choice for people. If you want to buy metal stools for your kitchen or outdoors, these stools can beautify and provide a comfortable seating arrangement too.

Buy Metal Stools for your outdoors

If you are looking to buy stools for your outdoor furniture, you have a variety of options in designs and style of furniture. Before buying stools, you should consider the number of people to be seated around the furniture. You should also consider the area where you want to put the stools. Whether you want to invite more number of people in your around the outdoor furniture, you should look for comfortable and suitable stool for every space.

My previous posts to Metal Stools given below –

A stool at your kitchen island can help family members do their chores. For example kids can do their homework sitting on the stools, friends can give you company in the Garden. The stools also act as a space saving Loaning area alternative.

Modern Metal Stool

Metal stools come in a variety of materials such as nickel, copper, brass, aluminum and more. They add style as well as functionality to your home and outdoor furniture. They come in various designs such as classic, embossed, cut work and finished styles. The metal stools are available in different colors and can be painted in any color of your choice too. They are lightweight, easy to move and offer comfortable seating options for outdoors and indoors. They can act as a stylish décor item inside your home as well.

Whether you want to shop for stools for your Indore counter or outdoor furniture, it is important to choose the most suitable furniture. There are mainly two types of bar stools to pick from, modern and traditional. Modern #metalstools are made of metal, iron, fiberglass, plastic and even wood. Modern stools are not made up of any natural material and thus offer extra protection from the elements of weather.

Modern Stools have Various Features

Modern bar stools have similar features and functions as traditional stools. Both of the stools have a low backrest as well as armrests. Modern stools are mostly upholstered with great choices of materials. Modern stools have unique and creative designs. They have sleek design with minimal artwork. These stools are very easy to care for and can look new with a little bit of cleaning.


You can find a variety of modern and traditional stools online at reliable website stores. You should consider whether you want to use your bar stools inside kitchen or any outdoor area. You need to choose an indoor stool based on the existing home décor theme and color. Your stool should match and blend well with the rest of the furniture inside the home. If you want to buy stools for outdoor uses, consider the type of material that doesn’t get affected with moisture. While choosing your favorite stool online, take into account the material, color and all other details before making a purchase.